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Palmerston North: One of the most important cities of New Zealand

Palmerston North is the eighth largest city of New Zealand. It is the main city of North Island of the country. The city is not too far away from the capital Wellington; just 140 kilometers away. Its location gives it an added advantage, making it one of the most significant cities in the country.

Economy of Palmerston North

This city of Palmerston North with about 1.9 percent of the New Zealand’s population employs almost 2.4 percent of the total workforce of the country. Its tertiary education sector, central government and research sector contributes to the major chunk of the city’s economy. Also, the city plays an important role in the economic activity of the country. The business community supports the rural sector with different sorts of instant cash loans to support the local economy plus develop tourism industry. The largest employer remains the healthcare sector which facilitates its employees through different promotions and instant personal loans.

The Lifestyle

It is not one of the most densely populated areas in the region which gives way to a unique way of living. The people of the city live a light life and are safe from many hazards of the more industrially developed cities. They enjoy with their families, friends and neighbors. People here are friendly and enjoy better education, health and life expectancy than people in other parts of the country.


Any city in New Zealand ought to have a strong tourism industry to survive and sustain. Similarly, Palmerston North has few fascinating sites which are a must visit for you. The optimal blend of historical and modern architecture is amazing. Moreover, the local government also patronizes the local tourism industry which further strengths the economy of the city. Following are the major tourist spots in the city:

Arena Manawatu

Yes you are at one of world’s busiest and most fascinating arenas. This arena, established with a mission to provide exquisite sports, recreation and entertainment facilities to the local and national community has been quite successful in its ambition. This place is lively throughout the year with different events going on, which attracts people from all around the country. It has international facilities, with practice areas, changing rooms etc. People from all around New Zealand come here to see their favorite teams and players play. Do not miss this opportunity.

The Globe Theatre

It is one of the most fascinating places in the city of Palmerston North. This is now owned by the City council. It is a theater of world class facilities comprising of an auditorium, changing rooms, foyer and a full-fledged stage. People with families and friends come here to enjoy their nights and evenings. This place is also ideally located and has large parking facilities. This makes it suitable for meetings, live shows, movies and comic plays which not only provides the local people and the visitors to enjoy but also adds to the rich culture of the city. Also, the unique architecture of the building is an amazing site.

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