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Location of Nelson

The ninth largest city in New Zealand, Nelson, is found on eastern coast of the Tasman Bay. It is one the most important cities in the Nelson region. This city was recognized in 1841, making it second oldest settlement in New Zealand. It is basically the site of the great naval battle where both Spanish and French fleets were defeated by Admiral Horatio Nelson, after whom the city was named. That battle is known as the ‘Battle of Trafalgar’.

Economy of Nelson

There are primarily four pillars of Nelson’s economy: seafood, horticulture, tourism and forestry. Nelson plays a big part in the thriving economy of the country. Its tourism industry is rapidly expanding with the local government’s increased focus on developing the industry to collect more and more revenue for the residents of the city. Along with these there are a number of growing industries the city like engineering technology, aviation and art and crafts among many others. A robust economy of Nelson can help in strengthening the overall economy in New Zealand. The government has been issuing different fast cash loans and fast personal loans to flourish the local business and industry.

Culture of Nelson

The culture of the city is extremely rich and its history very interesting. Its earliest settlers are German and English who settled here in 1840. Before this it was known as Murderer’s bay, where a Dutch Explorer, Tasman’s crew member was killed by the local Maoris. It is also the place where the Admiral Nelson led a great expedition against the foreign aggressors and till date the city has been named after the hero. Nelson takes pride in its history and many legends circulate around it. Today the major chunk of the population is Maori and like other cities they have cultural shows and events which leave a permanent mark in one’s memory. You will be received enthusiastically by these people and your trip will be awesome.

Tourism in Nelson

The local government has made considerable efforts to promote tourism in the city and has succeeded to the large extent; the city has a lot of tourist spots which attract plenty of visitors plus locals throughout the year.

Abel Tasman National Park

It is one of New Zealand’s exquisite coastal national parks. It is an amazing place to be with your family and friends. Its golden sandy beaches are an immensely beautiful experience. You can take a long walk around the beaches and enjoy the serene environment of the beach and the sea. Also, you can picnic with your friends at the beach in an environment which is unprecedented.

Wollaston Nelson Jazz & Blues Festival 2013

This is among the most amazing events of the year arranged at one of the most mesmerizing places on Earth. This event is a Music Fest. It has over 45 events of different genres. The event gives you an opportunity to relish the precious moments of your life with your friends and family. Also, make new friends and enjoy life to the fullest.

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