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Napier-Hastings: Two Ideal Tourist Spots

The area of Napier-Hastings in New Zealand is referred to as twin cities covering both the city of Napier as well as the city of Hastings, hence the area’s name. This is one of the larger urban areas in New Zealand and is filled with a lot of different activities. This is basically two different cities and with that it offers quite a lot of variety. Learn more about Napier and Hastings and what people can do here with this brief article.

If you have never been to the Napier-Hastings urban area before, it is highly suggested that you try going here, at least once. There is so much to do in this place. Let us first start with Napier:

One thing that makes Napier stand out is its architecture as it makes wide use of Art Deco designs. People who appreciate architecture or are studying architecture are in for a treat when they visit Napier to see the different styles of buildings. Other things that people can do in Napier include going to the Hawke’s Art Gallery, which include several interesting art pieces as well as the history of Napier’s architecture and design pre and post-earthquake. The National aquarium is also a good place to visit.

Napier is just one half of the Napier-Hastings area. Below are some things that Hastings has to offer for tourists:
The Hastings part of the area includes a number of places for people to visit. One of the best places to visit in Hastings is Splash Planet, an amazing water park with daily visitors. There is the Te Mata Peak which offers a great outlook of the area’s surroundings. Another spectacular view from Hastings can be found at the Cape Kidnappers and there is even a nearby golf course that people can try.

Aside from what these areas individually have, they are both rich in local restaurants, bars and cafes for people to relax, unwind or experience certain delicacies from New Zealand.  

Considering the size of this urban area, you may be worried a little bit about your tour budget. One thing that is great about New Zealand is their support for tourism. With that, tourists are allowed to request for instant cash loans and instant personal loans, to help fund their trip. If you are qualified and show that you are worthy of being given a loan, the financial institution will gladly lend you money so that you can enjoy your trip. This way, you can really do everything that you plan to do in your trip and a lot more.

There are really a lot of things to do in this twin-city urban area. People can try going first to Napier than Hastings or the other way around and learn from the two. Both of these cities, though different in many ways, share a history together before and after the 1931 earthquake, which makes it a very good place to go, if you want to learn more about part of the history of New Zealand. With parks, museums, restaurants, cafes and a rich history, the Napier-Hastings area is really a great place to go for tourists looking for something different.

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