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Rise of indebtedness in UK

The recent data reveals that more than one trillion pounds has been lent by UK banks to citizens. This shows a very high increase in the indebtedness of the country. Sources from The Telegraph indicate that this is a raw data as the lending for SME is different in different parts of the country and the number can vary. The high street banks are blamed for helping only the affluent areas. Continue reading

Say no to bonds in 2014

It is always a hot question to ask whether to have stocks or bonds. A strong economy is always bad for bonds, according to Carla Fried of CNN Money. The long term interest rate rose up to 1.3 points in five months and the bond funds dropped for more than 4% in the same period. So, it is better to cut back on bonds, in 2014. Continue reading

Drop In Foreclosures Lowest In 7 Years

At last, some good news and a definite silver lining in the horizon are evident. Coming out of the long struggle, foreclosure in the country have been at the lowest levels, over the past 7 years. Foreclosures include bank repossessions, default notices and auctions. The percentage of such foreclosures has also come down by 15% and in absolute terms, it is around 113,000 properties during the month of November 2013. The figures are as reported by Realty Trac, which is a reputed online marketer of properties. Continue reading

Holiday Sales Slump

It appears that the holiday sales so far this season haven’t lived up to the expectations of the retailers. The numbers that have been reported aren’t that encouraging. Some comparisons of numbers with historical data as well as the possible reasons for this situation are provided below. Continue reading

Youngster and performing several part-time jobs to earn money

The non-students:

While the bulk of the 14% range of non-students aged 20-24 in Canada who are working only part-time — a historical high for this specific age class — desire they could possibly perform one full-time job, other new graduates are ready to get on several positions while they work in the direction of constructing a steady career journey. A latest TD Economics research observed this demographic might be much better off than all of us feel. Continue reading

Worst gold price since 1978

The gold price in November has been the worst since 1978. The prices dropped about 5.5%, this month. The Gold ended its twelve year winning streak by closing in 2013, in a negative territory. According to the portfolio manager of Pacific Investment Management, the Bull Run, for gold, is over and it will soon be out of the people’s radar for investment. Continue reading