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Category Archives: Credit History

What does your credit record say about you?

Your credit history

It is very important to have a clean credit history in the market. Your credit history talks a lot about you as a person and your life’s past. All human beings go through a phase in life when they have a large amount of unpaid debt and the most important thing is to keep the credit history clear by paying off all the dues well on time. Continue reading

Understand Your Credit History

Some debts can become annoying, you may already know about the zombie debt! Luckily, you can get rid of debt. The zombie one is the one that does not seem to disappear. They may be old debts, including debts that are due since forever, etc. Try to call collection agencies to avoid old debts to creditors, or to other agencies and try to collect them. In order to get rid of debt, you will need to take care of a few points. Below you will find details. You need to know the law, know your rights and get to know all about your credit report. Continue reading

What should you do if you have bad credit?

Bad credit will describe the finial failures in your life and makes your employers think that you have very bad managing and financial skills, which may affect your job status. The bad credit will leave a mark on your credit score. Bad credit will occur when you don’t pay the bills in time or if you don’t pay the debts at all. The bad credit is very stressful but t is not difficult to fix and is definitely not the end of the world. The situation you are in may seem hopeless but the bad credit will not last forever if taken proper precautions and measures. There are few things which you can do to improve the credit score status. These might seem simple but they are effective. Continue reading

How Debt Affects Your Credit Score

If you feel absolutely pressured by a huge and overwhelming debt, you should remain calm. This is the best way to clear your situation. Your financial capability must be turned around in order to resolve it. Filing bankruptcy is not the only option. Get ready to find the top debt relief plan so you can free yourself now! You need to begin by analysing your credit score. Continue reading

Looking For Personal Loans With Bad Credit

Now the borrowers can simply get the approval for the personal loans even if they have bad credit. Even though some obstacles might be created if one does not have a perfect credit score, few considerations are there to be made. If you are looking to get some advice about finding the personal loans even with the bad credit then read on.   Continue reading

Why You Should Avoid Late Payment of Loans

It is a fact that if you make only one late payment for your credit card or loan then it may lead to preventing you to get the mortgage loan. The system for credit-reporting is usually built around the system which considers negative and positive factors. While your positive trends can have an improving impact on the credit score, the negative ones can pose equally opposite impact. Amongst the negative events that are reported most commonly are the late payments. These may stay at the credit report years long. Here is some important information that might be needed for these. Continue reading